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From humble beginings in October 1988 steady growth has brought Mooney Sales to the forefront of the fastener business. As a manufacturer's agent, calling on distributors across Canada, Mooney Sales has put together a team with a wealth of experience. The Mooney Sales team will gladly put you in contact with reliable, blue chip sources. Please browse and click the list of companies we are proud to represent:

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Advanced Cable Ties - Cable Ties, Zip Ties, Bundle Management
Clamps Inc. - Automotive & Heavy Duty Muffler Clamps, Stainless Steel Band Clamps, Industrial Grade U-bolts
Davies Molding - Compression, Injection, and Transfer molded plastic components
FTZ Industries - Electrical Products, Battery Terminals, Lugs, Splices, Heat Shrink Tubing
GF&D Systems - Grease Fittings
Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. - Blind Rivets, Rivet Nuts, Tubular/Solid Rivets, Lockbolts
KelKo Products Co. - Custom Fasteners, studs and bolts
Nucor Industries - Hex Cap Screws, Nuts, Structural Products, Tru-Tension Assemblies
Solution Industries - Socket Set Screws, Socket Products
Wrought Washer - Standard Washers, Special Washers/Stampings